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Guilt Free Decadent Malted Marbled Banana Bread

Good ol’ banana bread. With swirls of malt. And studded with chocolate chips. Topped with crumble. A banana bread really can’t get better than this. That its low fat is just a bonus. 

The recipe for the banana bread/cake base is from: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2011/11/02/polka-dot-banana-bread/

I changed it by:

  1. Using sugar free maple syrup instead of agave or pure maple syrup
  2. omitting the 1 stevia packet
  3. using 1 cup cake flour + 1 cup whole wheat flour instead of 2 cups spelt flour 

The other changes, like marbling the bread/cake with milo batter are given in the following picture.

The ‘milo truffle’ mixture mentioned can be found here.

Recipe for milk crumbs was adapted from here.

I am submitting my post to Aspiring Bakers #22: Lightened Up Cakes (August 2012) hosted by Qi Ting of A Dessert Diet.

Bread Pudding Tart with Brown Sugar Crumble (low fat & whole wheat)

Dear Barney, or Mr Stinson (Recovering Mentally Unsound human being, Whatever you prefer I call you),

You’re handsome, hot, surprising sensitive, sometimes hilariously dumb, an insult to Barney the Dinosaur (since you two share the same name), terribly rich, gorgeously well-dressed and would totally win a Girls’ Choice Award. Unfortunately, I chanced upon your patent for “back boobs”. Seeing that its an atrociously disgusting idea, I take back everything I said.

Yours sincerely,
Representative of all who are grossed out by your warped ideas.

*wrote this draft last week but didn’t want to waste it. sorry if he took back the idea.
only if. 



This Bread Pudding Tart enriched with cinnamon, the nuttiness of whole wheat flour, addictive crunchy brown sugar crumble and hints of apple is one of my most favorite creations. It may look not at all appealing, but be rest assured that its as flavorful as I described. Topped with custard-y vanilla goodness, its hard to resist!


recipe notes:

Tart Crust is adapted from: 2至4人, 低脂轻量蛋糕甜点
author: 小欣子 

Brown Sugar Crumble ia adapted from: Crusta Bakes

Bread Pudding is adapted from: All Recipes

Vanilla Sauce is adapted from Oven Haven

brown sugar crumble: 46g whole wheat flour 70g whole wheat flour

Strawberry Caramel Layer Cake (Vegan, Whole Wheat)

Yeah, its me. Back after twisting another foot, surviving a fever that’s (thank God) not due to dengue, and bearing with the aftermath of the fever– the worst kind of cough that causes even air to tickle the throat. Yikes. Now I have Show Luo’s eye bags, my bro’s practically permanent panda eyes and a toad’s voice. 


The Nonsense I learned this week:

Kiwis aren’t friend material. They bite.

When your fringe gets too long, it gets into your eyes. Its prickly and painful. 

Leaving a book untouched for too long causes it to cake on dust.  

Shoes that are too tight make feet hurt.

Guyliner still sucks. 

Cockroaches are creepy. 

A dancing detached tail of a frantic lizard is freaky.

If golden highlights don’t work, get bright red ones. 

Caramel cake tastes pretty good. Especially with strawberries (since their prices have dropped). 

Ps: strawberries are  are chockfull of antioxidants and other essential nutrients that can flavorfully help you reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, and birth defects as well as mouthwateringly manage your weight. (source).



Can you believe it? I made healthier (practically fat free) dulce de leche in 40 minutes, without stirring continuously all the time, from scratch. Some people are just lazy. Its easy.

800ml skim milk (vegan: non dairy milk of your choice)

300g sugar

1/4 baking soda

heat milk and sugar in a heavy and VERY deep saucepan over high heat. stir with wooden ladle till sugar melts completely. lower heat and allow mixture to simmer until mixture becomes slightly brownish. quickly stir in baking soda. let mixture continue to simmer. after mixture seems to have thickened, start stirring continuously. turn off heat when a dollop of dulce de leche won’t fall off your spoon. scoop everything into a heat proof metal bowl. Do not touch with bare hands. The dulce de leche is really really hot.

The ‘buttercream’ you see contains no butter, shortening or cream. My frosting skills have not matured. Let’s just pretend a three-year-old frosted it. Guy must be a genius.


Recipe notes:

Recipe for vegan white cake is adapted from My Vegan Cookbook.

Recipe for non-vegan cake is adapted from Honey What’s Cooking.

Recipe for syrup is from Technicolour Kitchen.

Recipe for strawberry filling is from Chockohlawtay.

Cocoa powder in caramel frosting may be omitted!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love (April 2012) hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations.

Exploding Cream Buns 爆浆面包 (Whole Wheat & Vegan)


One of the things I love most of Taiwan is the varied speeds of change in the country. The rocky path to my grandparents’ house  have those same old rocks embedded, the same old metal spring buried at one side, rows of crops of 槟榔叶 (betel leaves) grown by the same old farmers at the other, the same kinds of grass growing at the side, the same family of daisies swaying along to the wind. Largely the same people, plus a few babies, minus some who passed away, the same smiles, the same faces, with a few more wrinkles. The same breakfast shops that had not changed in any way since before I was born. Things like that stay the same. They make the place we come from what it is.

Cycle a couple kilometres along the sort-of-expressway into the city. Most things would be different a year on. The same lady selling my favourite pancakes 车轮饼 stands at the same spot, but in front of a different shop. Shops promoting PDAs with wireless network connection spring up. Just 5 years ago, barely anyone owned a computer, let alone knew what the hell the internet was. [Even today, in the area my mum was born, few people have an internet connection (an estimated 1 in 3).] And right in the middle of the Pingtung city, now stands at least 3 new french bakeries, 1 Japanese bakery, and 1 modern Taiwanese bakery. That’s where I found 爆浆面包, or as I translate– Exploding Cream buns. An innovation unto the traditional tiny buns accompanying Western meals. Today, they are one of the most popular buns in Taiwan. Though they’re typically filled with a buttercream filling, I decided to go the healthier way with, well, tofu. If you don’t tell the people you’re serving that the buns contain tofu, there is little chance they’ll find out.



The cream is injected into the bun rather than pre-inserted. DO NOT inject the cream into the bun while the bun is warm lest you want baked cream (a mistake a made for 2 buns, one of which’s innards are in the photo below).



I’m providing 2 choices of filling. The Oreo Cream.


The Coffee Cream version.


And now the recipe! The recipe for buns is adapted from Christine’s Recipes. There are errors though! Add another 1 tsp of lemon juice for Coffee Cream and 1/2 tsp for Oreo Cream.

Assembly: stuff cream of choice into a piping bag. Make a hole in the corner of the bun and fit the piping nozzle into the hole to squeeze cream into the bun. If you press too hard such that too much cream enters, the bun literally explodes. So be careful!


Hopefully, I’ll have something great for you tomorrow!


This post is going to YEASTSPOTTING!!!


Inside Out Blondie Tart Cake for 2 (Vegan and Whole Wheat)



Qiting asks herself some questions about shopping for clothes and related boring accessories to fill up the gap between the top of the page and the recipe

Interviewer: Is shopping for clothes considered a hobby?

QT: More like torture.

So I assume you won’t join your friend(s) when they/she want(s) you to accompany them in said activity?

Not unless I really really really really really like them enough to know I won’t hate them after they mentally torture me with the sight of a room filled with, gasp, only clothes!

Do you go shopping with your mom?

Sure, I wait outside the shop while she enters.

You’re a lousy daughter.

I’m sure you don’t mean that.

I do.

Well, I don’t care what you think. Its a free country!

Not exactly, Singapore has tons of rules and stuff.

Weren’t you asking me about my lack of interest in clothes-shopping? When did we decide to switch the subject to the allowance of free speech in this tiny island which is not exactly the food paradise people speak of because its a lie ’cause Taiwan has food a million times better? You! You inattentive, over-inquisitive, unprofessional weirdo who’s supposed to be interviewing me!

Whatever. So, clothes! Do you only hate shopping for them or do you simply hate them?

Are you unobservant or simply ignorant?

You’ve insulted me enough. I can’t handle this anymore.


Interview ends after the two rip off each other’s hair… you know I’m talking about the ones on the head don’t you?





I remade a blondie.



Now it has an Oreo tart crust stuffed in it.

Because the blondie ate oreos HA! 



The recipe for blondies is adapted from The Allergic Kid.


Click here for larger version.

For vegan version, use Tofutti Cream Cheese and prepared vegan pudding (like this one: http://vegetarian.about.com/od/desertrecipes/r/vanillapudding.htm)



Since its for 2, you can share it or you can just have it all yourself. 

Please excuse my tragic inability to correct these annoyingly saturated photographs the horror of a camera once again rewarded my hard work with. No ‘P.S.’ because it is telling.


Please tell me that at least one person out there shares my detest for clothes-shopping…



Healthier Tiramisu for TWO (w Vegan option)

Its Life.

It seems like just yesterday that I had long hair reaching my waist, when I was seated with the most horrible person on earth, taught by the worst teacher in the universe. It seems like just yesterday that I told myself never ever to become a teacher when I grow up.

It seems like just yesterday that I was having the worst day of my life.

Time passes so quickly! There are so many parts of my life I can no longer remember and many others I don’t want to remember. But its now the time of my life to decide what the rest of my life will be and the parts that will make it. That is– the career I will have. Obviously I can never become a baker (neither good enough nor allowed), a teacher or a doctor or lawyer since I don’t do very well in my studies no matter how hard I try.


I had to narrow down the choices. Here is the list  with the ‘problem’ by the side.

  1. Food Science and Technology (only 50 places per year)
  2. Advertising 
  3. Psychology (may have problems getting a job)
  4. Nutrition (only available overseas)
  5. Product Design (not sure how much I’m really interested in it)
  6. Don’t know anymore.

Its just a reference. And since I have a ‘life plan’ for if-the-world-doesn’t-end-in-2012, I can actually do anything I don’t hate (since the list I hate contains most things).

And apparently, between the two best JCs in Singapore, the better one is the one your girlfriend will be in, according to the incredibly warped logic of my brother. (sorry that its irrelevant. I just had to comment about it)



Anyway, today I made a healthier version of Tiramisu! I’m only okay with Tiramisu but its great to know that I know how to make it. Its the second recipe I’m making for my “Request a Recipe Makeover” feature. 


Sorry for the runny-looking Tiramisu. I was in a hurry and skipped the refrigerating. 



I substituted the mascarpone cheese with coconut cream and cream cheese because mascarpone is incredibly expensive and the substitution opens up a vegan option. 

You can skip making the cake and use ready-made sponge fingers/lady fingers instead. 



Click to enlarge

For VEGAN version, use vegan lady fingers (recipe here) and tofutti cream cheese instead of regular cream cheese. 



Have a great day.