Super Soft Mochi 超軟又Q的麻署


One of my favourite foods is mochi. That soft, chewy texture and fragrance of glutinous rice never fails to trigger my appetite. In Taiwan, I ate some of the best mochi I’ve ever had in my life, from 一之軒. It was super soft and almost melt-in-the-mouth, with the right amount of chewiness. I decided to come up with a copycat recipe, and here it is, made healthier.




Sorry for the short post! Enjoy the mochi! 😀

Sorry for being absent!

A couple of posts ago, a few months ago, I told you I’ll be leaving Singapore. 

And I have. In the past three months, I’ve baked nothing, cooked nothing, and yet my brain crushes me with constant thoughts about baking and cooking. Sometimes creative food ideas keep popping up in my head just as I’m lying on my bed, ready to jump into dreams of living in large glasshouses with amazing built-in ovens and baking equipment, and I hop out of bed to jot them down. (Insomnia, guys. Not a good thing.) My hands are itching. I see a bun and I think, “I want to make this matcha flavored with chocolate-and-red-bean-mousse inside”. I see a slice of cake and I immediately dissect the layers in my mind and imagine how I would have made it. 

Sometimes, I think I must be crazy. But I guess its just passion, and a deep love.

Would I give up medicine for a successful career for baking? If asked the question last year, I would have said no. But today, I know for sure it is a “yes”. My parents would kill me, my friends would think I’m weird. I may make it onto the news. 

But for now the plan is this: complete my studies and then bake while I work. I know it can be done. There will be time as long as I make space for it. 

I’ll be back in Singapore soon for the holidays (about 3 weeks?) so look out for more posts soon! (Hopefully,  my baking and photography skills haven’t horrendously degraded!)

To those who have sent me emails, I’m really sorry!!! I’ve been busy with all the dumb studying and haven’t taken the time to reply. Don’t worry, I’ll never quit, even if not a single person reads my blog. 

What I’ve been up to these days

Some foods from the night markets:

Custard Cream puff


Baked Swirls of Matcha on super soft doughImage

Typical lunch in Taiwan


One of my favourite foods here- Charcoal-baked MochiImageImageImageImageImage

Cheese Baked Pasta in Cream sauceImage

Spicy Fried Chicken Baked Rice


My favourite school food– Curry Rice with pork piecesImage

Some tradtional Chinese sweets. I love these too much for words to describe. Not a good sign. ImageImage

Peanut and Sesame Pancakes


Custard Cream Pancakes


Charcoal- Baked King Mushrooms– fat free, msg freeImageImageImage

Japanese Style Cakes with Matcha or Custard Cream fillingsImage

Charcoal- Baked Chou (smelly) TofuImage

Some handmade Chinese pastriesImage

Assorted deep fried awesomeness


Low Fat Yogurt Soft Serv


Handmade mochi by a road vendorImage

School food


Local foods!


Taiwanese Wanton Noodles


My absolute favourite Taiwanese Breakfast– Egg Pancakes (Dan Bing)Image

Japanese Style Cakes


My childhood favourite– Apple BreadImage



Kang Kong


Taiwanese Chicken Rice


Stir fried Glutinous rice




A typical Dinner


Those pancakes again!


Coffee flavoured with custard cream fillingImage

Foods from restaurants:


Red Bean Pancakes from Pingtung– my hometown!Image

Spring rolls with ice-cream