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Revive Your Buns– Just another Bread Pudding ?

Since school ended last December, I’ve ‘discovered’ some really impressive stuff. So I decided to compile everything and call it “Wrappy’s Recommendations” (not “Qi Ting’s” because I don’t really like my name, because its given by some Buddhist Temple in Taiwan and I’m Christian.) Hopefully, I will pass this ‘enthusiasm’ to you guys.


Wrappy’s Recommendations


1. TOUCH (Season 1, thus far)

File:Touch s1 Poster 001.jpg

TOUCH is about this little kid who happens to be super cute, mute and is able to see the past, present and future through numbers. Every episode, he leads his really awesome Dad through a series of puzzles/ personal stories that are somehow related to each other in the most amazing way. The stories are touching, thrilling, sort of creepy, mysterious, heart-warming and just about everything everyone needs in a story (in this case, a really long one). Lori Rackl, of the Chicago Sun-Times, said the show “operates on the mind-blowing premise that people around the world are linked to one another and their lives intersect — with potentially major repercussions.” which is how I should have phrased it. That. That’s absolutely right. Michael Landweber of PopMatters called the show “stunningly effective” and praised “its mix of spirituality and science, familial and global struggles.” You get the idea. (Quotes from Wikipedia the FREE Encyclopedia. Isn’t the world getting better by the day???) And did I mention how talented all the actors are???


2. SoundHound

In the midst of wandering around in Whatsapp (no idea what that is I now know what that is), Facebook, Instagram, and other privacy-invading, stalker- encouraging programs, probably few of you’ve heard of SoundHound.  What’s SoundHound?, you-who-don-t-know-how-to-use-Google ask.

I’ll put it this way. Let’s say you walk into a 7-Eleven, Cold Storage, Walmart, Whole Foods, or wherever there’s music. You hear this mind-blowing song. You have no idea who sang it or what song it is. You’re angry, pissed off at the world (probably exaggerating, but if its a good song, this is no exaggeration) for making you feel deprived for the last few years of your life. Here’s where SoundHound comes in. You activate the application, hit a button, and in about 5 seconds, the name and singer of the song appears on your screen, along with buttons that link you to its YouTube video and lyrics. And that’s how I found “Jetlag” (Simple Plan, featuring Natasha Bedingfield) and “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction). You can even sing a song to have it identified. I hope you sing in tune. Simply revolutionary! I have it on Android 😀

Curious? Check out http://www.soundhound.com/.

(Unfortunately, it can only identify songs in English)


3) theoatmeal.com 

This website features tons of dumb, ingenious stuff. It’s taken me through a few of the times when I’m being stupidly sad. You’ll probably get hooked on it. 

Be sure to check out airplanes feature. Those are my favourite!

Check it out here: theoatmeal.com 


4) Shake to Charge (for your Android/iPhone)


This app transforms the kinetic energy (movement in the form of shaking)  applied to electrical potential energy (i.e. energy for your battery).

You get a workout AND your phone charged. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Its supposed to work. I think it does. 

Then again, I’m easily deceived. 

Check it out here: http://download.cnet.com/Shake-to-Charge-Battery/3000-2094_4-12504829.html


5) Blender

Sample images from http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/gallery/art-gallery/

Its not a real blender. You  know, for juices and stuff.


Its a FREE 3D software. You heard me right. FREE!

You can make 3D images and videos of say, Nemo from Finding Nemo, your friend, yourself, your room, your favourite cartoon, anime, etc.

3D softwares are always a challenge to me. I’m still suffering from the after-effects of my blue donut and purple coke can. No joke.

Check out Blender here: http://www.blender.org/features-gallery/



Nevermind the above. Its now time for this. 

On first glance, it looks sort of like a cake. Yet it’s not cake. 

No, its a bread pudding. And made from buns! Best of all, you’ll only need 5 minutes of preparation, excluding all the waiting time. Its the kind of bread pudding that’s not wet, that makes you feel like you’re eating s french toast cake, that makes you want to reach out for another piece. For the foundation of the bread pudding, its preferable that you use buns filled with a sweet smooth paste like red bean paste, kaya, lotus paste, nutella, peanut butter, cream cheese, etc. 

The recipe is adapted from Smitten Kitchen

Bread Pudding Tart with Brown Sugar Crumble (low fat & whole wheat)

Dear Barney, or Mr Stinson (Recovering Mentally Unsound human being, Whatever you prefer I call you),

You’re handsome, hot, surprising sensitive, sometimes hilariously dumb, an insult to Barney the Dinosaur (since you two share the same name), terribly rich, gorgeously well-dressed and would totally win a Girls’ Choice Award. Unfortunately, I chanced upon your patent for “back boobs”. Seeing that its an atrociously disgusting idea, I take back everything I said.

Yours sincerely,
Representative of all who are grossed out by your warped ideas.

*wrote this draft last week but didn’t want to waste it. sorry if he took back the idea.
only if. 



This Bread Pudding Tart enriched with cinnamon, the nuttiness of whole wheat flour, addictive crunchy brown sugar crumble and hints of apple is one of my most favorite creations. It may look not at all appealing, but be rest assured that its as flavorful as I described. Topped with custard-y vanilla goodness, its hard to resist!


recipe notes:

Tart Crust is adapted from: 2至4人, 低脂轻量蛋糕甜点
author: 小欣子 

Brown Sugar Crumble ia adapted from: Crusta Bakes

Bread Pudding is adapted from: All Recipes

Vanilla Sauce is adapted from Oven Haven

brown sugar crumble: 46g whole wheat flour 70g whole wheat flour

Skinny Chilli Cheese Fries

I thought about making fries. After the episode of absolutely shitty Aston fries last week (talk about a greasy, tasteless, gross mess of potato strips), I dreamt of crunchy, non- greasy, tempura-like, garlicky, peppery potato chunks. Topped with nacho cheese, spring onions and even chilli. And then I found the perfect fries at The Purple Foodie. And easy chilli with great reviews at All Recipes. And homemade nacho cheese at Pensylvania Macaroni Co. Made healthier and skinny chilli cheese fries were born. Apologies for the bad photos.


With Shoestring Fries

With Potato Wedges


As mentioned,

fries were adapted from The Purple Foodie, chilli was adapted from All Recipes. And homemade nacho cheese from Pensylvania Macaroni Co.


Because who doesn’t love fries?


Strawberry Caramel Layer Cake (Vegan, Whole Wheat)

Yeah, its me. Back after twisting another foot, surviving a fever that’s (thank God) not due to dengue, and bearing with the aftermath of the fever– the worst kind of cough that causes even air to tickle the throat. Yikes. Now I have Show Luo’s eye bags, my bro’s practically permanent panda eyes and a toad’s voice. 


The Nonsense I learned this week:

Kiwis aren’t friend material. They bite.

When your fringe gets too long, it gets into your eyes. Its prickly and painful. 

Leaving a book untouched for too long causes it to cake on dust.  

Shoes that are too tight make feet hurt.

Guyliner still sucks. 

Cockroaches are creepy. 

A dancing detached tail of a frantic lizard is freaky.

If golden highlights don’t work, get bright red ones. 

Caramel cake tastes pretty good. Especially with strawberries (since their prices have dropped). 

Ps: strawberries are  are chockfull of antioxidants and other essential nutrients that can flavorfully help you reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, and birth defects as well as mouthwateringly manage your weight. (source).



Can you believe it? I made healthier (practically fat free) dulce de leche in 40 minutes, without stirring continuously all the time, from scratch. Some people are just lazy. Its easy.

800ml skim milk (vegan: non dairy milk of your choice)

300g sugar

1/4 baking soda

heat milk and sugar in a heavy and VERY deep saucepan over high heat. stir with wooden ladle till sugar melts completely. lower heat and allow mixture to simmer until mixture becomes slightly brownish. quickly stir in baking soda. let mixture continue to simmer. after mixture seems to have thickened, start stirring continuously. turn off heat when a dollop of dulce de leche won’t fall off your spoon. scoop everything into a heat proof metal bowl. Do not touch with bare hands. The dulce de leche is really really hot.

The ‘buttercream’ you see contains no butter, shortening or cream. My frosting skills have not matured. Let’s just pretend a three-year-old frosted it. Guy must be a genius.


Recipe notes:

Recipe for vegan white cake is adapted from My Vegan Cookbook.

Recipe for non-vegan cake is adapted from Honey What’s Cooking.

Recipe for syrup is from Technicolour Kitchen.

Recipe for strawberry filling is from Chockohlawtay.

Cocoa powder in caramel frosting may be omitted!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love (April 2012) hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Frangipane Pie with PB&J Ice Cream (vegan and gluten free)

That’s it. I give up being boring. Wry , senseless dry humour, incoherent thoughts, nonsensical behaviour (I’m guessing no second person has ever dislocated their ankle by being asleep) is the definition of my name, which I must add people have found many ways to pronounce– some in a way that terrifies every fibre in my body, some downright insulting, some ingenious… but almost never correctly.(PS, its not ‘cheating’, that’s a lame shortcut I respond to but no longer want to. QT is the safe way to go.) From next post on, I’m going back to my roots (or whatever they are).  These couple of days, I’ve been downing bowls of dead bitter medicine instead of yummy herbal chicken soup, exercising like a crazy person, studying, baking, trying to record the sound of my brother snoring for my ringtone (how fun would that be?), going for physio, learning to drive and so on. 

I’ve been experimenting on frangipane for the longest time. Typical frangipane is clogged with lumps of butter, sugar and eggs. Trying to make it healthy is one of the most difficult challenges I’ve ever taken on. I wanted to make it vegan, lower in fat and with peanuts instead of almonds since almonds are pricey. And finally, this happened.



Peanut butter and Jelly Frangipane Pie with a gluten free crust, healthier frosting, berry cream and Peanut Butter & Jelly Ice Cream, of which all components are significantly healthier than typical counterparts.

And the best thing about this pie is that it is really easy to make!



Recipe for Shortbread Crust is inspired by Chockohlawtay.

Recipe for Berry Cream is also from Chockohlawtay.


Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie — The Ultimate Makeover


Imagine a delicious, guilt-inducing pie that’s all these…

Alright, quit imagining because its reality. 

Just look at that! A square piece of Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie and a cup of Homemade Soy Milk. A vegan high tea set! 


I like the pie frozen, but if you’re not into an ice-cream like,  peanut butter and jelly confection, and more into a creamy, mousse-like pie, just have it chilled and equally delicious. 


Recipe for shortbread crust is adapted from Chockohlawtay, one of my favourite blogs.

Vegan: Use tofutti cream cheese.

A visual presentation of the process of making soy bean flour:

1. bake soy beans at 200C for 15 minutes. let cool.
2. grind in a grinder till powdery.


Till next time!