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Annoyed– Stupid Behaviours That Annoy Me When It Comes To Dieting

Stupid Behaviours That Annoy Me When It Comes To Dieting


“What a dumb thing to do. According to my freaking retarded brain and what random non- professionals say on the internet, eating blah blah blah is not good for weight loss. 

Hey genius, guess what? Different people have different responses (as in mental responses) to different foods. For example, let’s talk about a comfort, a typical unhealthy food like say, french fries. Yep, those delicious fat-loaded, awful carbs. An asshole “friend” of mine may say, “are you crazy? you’re eating french fries while you’re trying to lose weight??”

In real life, there are two types of people. The first, after eating fries– this is the kind people typically talk about– have an urge to eat more fat loaded stuff, and thus consume more. The other kind, wanting to only satisfy their craving for fries, may only eat a large order of fries during the span of the entire day (i.e. still very few calories). The latter would definitely lose weight. In the end, its all about self control, not about eating unhealthy stuff. I myself have lost tons of weight while eating waffles (white flour), french fries, cake, instant noodles, etc.  Its science, well math… net calories consumed = calories in – calories out.


It’s all the same. Comparing bodies hurts all women – in any era.

Constantly comparing, thighs, tummies, arms,…

Why don’t you guys just freaking strip and stare at each other’s bodies? Those bitches…

The only person you should compare with is yourself. Everyone’s body is different. Big boned, medium boned, small boned. Big structure, medium structure, small structure. Tall, medium, short. Different genes, that’s what. You’re bound to be skinnier or curvier in different places. There’s no point in obsessing and being jealous with what others have and how they are different from you. You’re beautiful in your own way. And what’s more, what’s the point in everyone looking the same from neck-down anyway?? That’s really scary. 


Talking about being fat and how you are dieting everyday and that you need to lose more weight.

Here’s a thought. Shut up. It’s annoying. 


And the ultimate…

a skeletal human being dieting.

What the hell is wrong with you? Let’s leave that to the anorexics alright?

I don’t know about you, but do you seriously think this is healthy…?

You need help.

And some encouragement to end it all…

Are you guilty of any of those behaviors? 

Skinny Chilli Cheese Fries

I thought about making fries. After the episode of absolutely shitty Aston fries last week (talk about a greasy, tasteless, gross mess of potato strips), I dreamt of crunchy, non- greasy, tempura-like, garlicky, peppery potato chunks. Topped with nacho cheese, spring onions and even chilli. And then I found the perfect fries at The Purple Foodie. And easy chilli with great reviews at All Recipes. And homemade nacho cheese at Pensylvania Macaroni Co. Made healthier and skinny chilli cheese fries were born. Apologies for the bad photos.


With Shoestring Fries

With Potato Wedges


As mentioned,

fries were adapted from The Purple Foodie, chilli was adapted from All Recipes. And homemade nacho cheese from Pensylvania Macaroni Co.


Because who doesn’t love fries?


Strawberry Caramel Layer Cake (Vegan, Whole Wheat)

Yeah, its me. Back after twisting another foot, surviving a fever that’s (thank God) not due to dengue, and bearing with the aftermath of the fever– the worst kind of cough that causes even air to tickle the throat. Yikes. Now I have Show Luo’s eye bags, my bro’s practically permanent panda eyes and a toad’s voice. 


The Nonsense I learned this week:

Kiwis aren’t friend material. They bite.

When your fringe gets too long, it gets into your eyes. Its prickly and painful. 

Leaving a book untouched for too long causes it to cake on dust.  

Shoes that are too tight make feet hurt.

Guyliner still sucks. 

Cockroaches are creepy. 

A dancing detached tail of a frantic lizard is freaky.

If golden highlights don’t work, get bright red ones. 

Caramel cake tastes pretty good. Especially with strawberries (since their prices have dropped). 

Ps: strawberries are  are chockfull of antioxidants and other essential nutrients that can flavorfully help you reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, inflammatory diseases, and birth defects as well as mouthwateringly manage your weight. (source).



Can you believe it? I made healthier (practically fat free) dulce de leche in 40 minutes, without stirring continuously all the time, from scratch. Some people are just lazy. Its easy.

800ml skim milk (vegan: non dairy milk of your choice)

300g sugar

1/4 baking soda

heat milk and sugar in a heavy and VERY deep saucepan over high heat. stir with wooden ladle till sugar melts completely. lower heat and allow mixture to simmer until mixture becomes slightly brownish. quickly stir in baking soda. let mixture continue to simmer. after mixture seems to have thickened, start stirring continuously. turn off heat when a dollop of dulce de leche won’t fall off your spoon. scoop everything into a heat proof metal bowl. Do not touch with bare hands. The dulce de leche is really really hot.

The ‘buttercream’ you see contains no butter, shortening or cream. My frosting skills have not matured. Let’s just pretend a three-year-old frosted it. Guy must be a genius.


Recipe notes:

Recipe for vegan white cake is adapted from My Vegan Cookbook.

Recipe for non-vegan cake is adapted from Honey What’s Cooking.

Recipe for syrup is from Technicolour Kitchen.

Recipe for strawberry filling is from Chockohlawtay.

Cocoa powder in caramel frosting may be omitted!

I am submitting this post to Aspiring Bakers #18: Layers of Love (April 2012) hosted by Sam of Sweet Samsations.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie — The Ultimate Makeover


Imagine a delicious, guilt-inducing pie that’s all these…

Alright, quit imagining because its reality. 

Just look at that! A square piece of Peanut Butter & Jelly Pie and a cup of Homemade Soy Milk. A vegan high tea set! 


I like the pie frozen, but if you’re not into an ice-cream like,  peanut butter and jelly confection, and more into a creamy, mousse-like pie, just have it chilled and equally delicious. 


Recipe for shortbread crust is adapted from Chockohlawtay, one of my favourite blogs.

Vegan: Use tofutti cream cheese.

A visual presentation of the process of making soy bean flour:

1. bake soy beans at 200C for 15 minutes. let cool.
2. grind in a grinder till powdery.


Till next time!

Exploding Cream Buns 爆浆面包 (Whole Wheat & Vegan)


One of the things I love most of Taiwan is the varied speeds of change in the country. The rocky path to my grandparents’ house  have those same old rocks embedded, the same old metal spring buried at one side, rows of crops of 槟榔叶 (betel leaves) grown by the same old farmers at the other, the same kinds of grass growing at the side, the same family of daisies swaying along to the wind. Largely the same people, plus a few babies, minus some who passed away, the same smiles, the same faces, with a few more wrinkles. The same breakfast shops that had not changed in any way since before I was born. Things like that stay the same. They make the place we come from what it is.

Cycle a couple kilometres along the sort-of-expressway into the city. Most things would be different a year on. The same lady selling my favourite pancakes 车轮饼 stands at the same spot, but in front of a different shop. Shops promoting PDAs with wireless network connection spring up. Just 5 years ago, barely anyone owned a computer, let alone knew what the hell the internet was. [Even today, in the area my mum was born, few people have an internet connection (an estimated 1 in 3).] And right in the middle of the Pingtung city, now stands at least 3 new french bakeries, 1 Japanese bakery, and 1 modern Taiwanese bakery. That’s where I found 爆浆面包, or as I translate– Exploding Cream buns. An innovation unto the traditional tiny buns accompanying Western meals. Today, they are one of the most popular buns in Taiwan. Though they’re typically filled with a buttercream filling, I decided to go the healthier way with, well, tofu. If you don’t tell the people you’re serving that the buns contain tofu, there is little chance they’ll find out.



The cream is injected into the bun rather than pre-inserted. DO NOT inject the cream into the bun while the bun is warm lest you want baked cream (a mistake a made for 2 buns, one of which’s innards are in the photo below).



I’m providing 2 choices of filling. The Oreo Cream.


The Coffee Cream version.


And now the recipe! The recipe for buns is adapted from Christine’s Recipes. There are errors though! Add another 1 tsp of lemon juice for Coffee Cream and 1/2 tsp for Oreo Cream.

Assembly: stuff cream of choice into a piping bag. Make a hole in the corner of the bun and fit the piping nozzle into the hole to squeeze cream into the bun. If you press too hard such that too much cream enters, the bun literally explodes. So be careful!


Hopefully, I’ll have something great for you tomorrow!


This post is going to YEASTSPOTTING!!!


Oreo Coffee Cream Layered Cake for One (with the Perfect vegan Whipped Cream)

I’ve been up to so many crazy stuff these days. Like making my idiotic right arm more horrible than it already is (I think its badly sprained), convincing my brother that a B in Math (for ‘A’ levels) means I’m incapable of helping him with his math homework, sulking over the gold dye (for highlights) that left my hair with barely visible red streaks (not complaining about the red), studying for a very important test, wondering whether I’ll get my driving instructor killed (worst case scenario), thinking about blue highlights, filling up university applications and more. Somewhere in between, I finally (!!!) found some time to bake and experiment to get a perfect tofu whipped cream. With one hand because I’m afraid of furthering injuring the hand which is disgustingly swollen. Its one of those times I wish I don’t have Erb’s Palsy. I’m sort of scared that one day I won’t be able to use it anymore. Sort of. 

You probably think its weird that I dumped Oreos and coffee into the same cake. Rest assured I don’t promote the activity of poisoning. I’m all for the caffeine and sugar boost. 


Unfortunately, I have the frosting skills of a 4 year old. You can tell, I’m sure.

Nonethless, don’t let my horrible frosting skills deter you from trying this whipped cream! I swear you won’t be disappointed and I don’t do promises like this often (because results vary sometimes but this is so easy! The secret to this whipped cream is the fresh extra firm tofu (NOT silken) and lemon juice. Its stable, creamy, tastes so unhealthy, VEGAN, gluten free, raw, costs much less than regular whipped cream (in Singapore anyway), is so easy to make, you don’t even have to whip it and basically everything normal people love about whipped cream. I’ll never ever buy regular whipped cream again. Why purchase some when you can have this?

NOTE: for recipe, you will have lots of tofu whipped cream left over. Quarter the recipe if you know you won’t need any whipped cream in the next 3 days.


Yeah, I consume cakes layer-by-layer. That’s the point of them being layered cakes. I’m not weird; I just have an exotic way of swallowing layered pieces of cake. 



Take a look at my DIY mini cake stand (for cakes serving 1-3). For someone who usually handles flour instead of glue, cardboards and tape, it felt odd. My clumsy hands made it crooked. Not on purpose of course.

The ribbons are scraps I found around the house. The round top is made of round cake boards and the ‘pyramid’ stand is actually 2 stacked Styrofoam cups. 


Sadly, its now time to part. Sarcasm comes in handy at this time because words sound genuine.