Me: Qiting
Age: 17  18 19
Hobby: baking, cycling, reading

Hi. Welcome to “A Dessert Diet” (this site’s name as of 14 November 2011!!!). Here, you’ll find healthier desserts that are not necessarily healthy, but healthier. Glad to clear that up.


About me!

  1. I love book/baking-supply shopping (always awesome to see new products that manufacturers try to empty our wallets with)
  2. I love “How I Met Your Mother” and Neil Patrick Harris 
  3. I like Joseph Chang too. And some other stuff you’ll see splattered and smeared boldly over more than a couple of posts.
  4. My favourite colour is yellow
Wait! Don’t go yet. You need to know what this blog is about and why I blog. I’m not good at prose so this may be a little awkward. Please bear with me.

I focus on healthier baking with reduced use of white sugar and white flour (because people, including myself, can readily find stuff with only white flour and white sugar anywhere and can have it anytime for a very affordable price).


I do not believe that adding chocolate chips into oatmeal makes the oatmeal unhealthy. Or anything else for that matter. I’m actually not too fond of oatmeal. I think its yucky.

I do not believe that just having a little white sugar makes a slice of cake bad-for-you.

I do not believe that having some animal product makes me a sinner. Or an unhealthy person.

I do not believe in eating salads and calling them a meal when they consist of a bunch of raw vegetables and an optional dressing made from vinegar. 

I do not believe in calling a serving of fruit a dessert (or even a meal).

I do not believe in sugar-free everything because empty calories are better than sweeteners whose names most people probably cannot pronounce let alone know what they contain.

I do not believe in pouring my life onto the internet for the whole world to examine. 


Okay. What then do I believe?

I believe in brown sugar/black sugar/ pure maple syrup/ honey/ condensed milk. Sometimes I have stevia (for the sake of saving some calories) but not all the time because I think it has an odd aftertaste.

I believe in having a fair share of carbs, potato chips, cakes, pastries and fried food (though I don’t like them:fried food I mean) and not running 10 miles in guilt after. But not in nut butter form.


Ultimately, I believe in having a life that is not food-centred. 

I may have a food blog, but it is not the most dominant part of life. Still, it is a part of my life I treasure and love because a) I love blogging b) I get to rant c) I love to meet new friends!


*Note:  Occasionally, I also enjoy making digs at our education system and sarcastic comments at innocent commemorations I-actually-never-celebrate-hence-don’t-quite-care-about-enough-to-dislike, revealing to you my embarassingly (btw, this is not a real word) impossible dreams, trying to make you jealous of my happy time in the Pingtung (Taiwan) countrysideblabber to you about my family, and boring you with lame anecdotes (sorry about that!). For more of these, just tune in to my page for crap.


If you have any questions, have anything to say (even if its negative), just drop me a comment or email me at qiting93@hotmail.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 😀





24 thoughts on “About”

  1. Greetings from a new foodie blogger

    Hi there!

    My name is Steve Walters and I recently started blogging at http://www.eatingbangkok.com, which is currently being updated with recipes, but in the next few months will be my vehicle for covering the food and restaurant scene in Bangkok Thailand.

    I am now in the process of meeting as many food bloggers as I can and I found your site https://ibakewhoeats.wordpress.com recently and was pretty impressed. I’ve added your site to my Foodie Blogs list here: http://www.eatingbangkok.com/foodie-blogs/ and would also like to add you to my blogroll.

    If you could add my site to your blogroll and write back to let me know it has been added I will add you to mine as well and the exchange would be greatly appreciated!

    As you might imagine I am very excited to get moved to Bangkok and get started on covering the food scene there as I feel it is an area that isn’t well covered by English speaking bloggers. I plan on adding loads of great reviews, pictures and even video and will be holding contests as well. It should be fun, entertaining and informative for everyone that visits.

    Thank you so much in advance for adding me to your blogroll and I look forward to reading your posts (I’ve subscribed!) and maybe even featuring some of your own posts as I do plan on a weekly roundup of Thai themed recipes and posts from other food bloggers.

    Warm regards,

    P.S. If you are on Twitter I would love to have you as a follower and I follow back:


    1. Hi. I love Thai food!!! So its an honour to have you add me! I’m definitely adding your blog to my links! Great site you have there!
      Looking forward to more of your recipes!
      from Qi Ting


      1. Thanks for the great compliment and I can say the same about your site…Great! I’ll also be looking forward to more of your Singaporean treats here.


  2. Great blog. I was checking constantly this blog and I am quite impressed! Extremely useful info specially the last part. I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a very long time. Thank you and good luck.


  3. Just found your blog and it’s super cool ^^
    I just started a blog– crazyrunnerchick.wordpress.com– about running and vegan cooking and baking so check it out if you want. Once I start a blogroll, i’ll be sure to add you 🙂


  4. hello
    just wanted to let you know – luv ur blog and ur sense of humour 🙂 im pondering on creating my own blog to relieve study stress and food obsession…ok chocolate obsession lol, it seems it works for you so i think i l gove it a shot as well.


    1. Hi! Thanks for your very very sweet (and quirky) comment! and for reading! I hope you will create your own blog soon! Its fun playing around having fun and meeting more people in the blogosphere… but most of all writing your heart out about anything you want! Remember to leave your link here when you get it up– I want to link you up in my blogroll! Very nice to meet you 😀


  5. i just wanted to let you know that i love your blog! you are so genuine and funny and your recipes are awesomely creative. keep up the great work!!


  6. Hey there!

    I like your philosophy about food. i agree that we should love food and have a healthy attitude towards it because, obviously fuels our bodies and well, it’s yummy! lol 😀 but it shouldn’t dominate our lives lol and we certainly shouldn’t obsess over it

    God Bless, and Have an awesome week!! 🙂


  7. Just want to say hi and thanks for the BEAUTIFUL VEGAN recipes and photography. Look forward to your new creations in the New Year 🙂

    Also, I, too, was bullied in my formative years and it’s inspiring to see you share and write about how to overcome a “jinxed” life and not be a victim of circumstances. Cheers to surviving and overcoming!


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