Guilt Free Decadent Malted Marbled Banana Bread

Good ol’ banana bread. With swirls of malt. And studded with chocolate chips. Topped with crumble. A banana bread really can’t get better than this. That its low fat is just a bonus. 

The recipe for the banana bread/cake base is from:

I changed it by:

  1. Using sugar free maple syrup instead of agave or pure maple syrup
  2. omitting the 1 stevia packet
  3. using 1 cup cake flour + 1 cup whole wheat flour instead of 2 cups spelt flour 

The other changes, like marbling the bread/cake with milo batter are given in the following picture.

The ‘milo truffle’ mixture mentioned can be found here.

Recipe for milk crumbs was adapted from here.

I am submitting my post to Aspiring Bakers #22: Lightened Up Cakes (August 2012) hosted by Qi Ting of A Dessert Diet.

Cocoa Milo Truffles (Reduced Fat and Sugar)

I had never thought I would make truffles.

Truffles are the creamier sister of chocolate that’s, more fattening, artery-clogging, round, eaten on its own, too insignificant to be filling and too high in calories to remove the damage it brings to one’s conscience (darn, I could have eaten 20 biscuits and swallowed the same amount of calories, blah blah blah).

My mum wouldn’t eat it (“Are you trying to kill me???”)

My dad wouldn’t (“I don’t eat chocolate.”–> I know I know, Is he your really your dad?? Rest assured he is).


Obviously, this had to be a healthier version. (And also, I had to try to use up the remaining ingredients like shortening, cocoa powder and milo powder before leaving. Mum’s orders. Who’s to argue?)

This is my first food post without having processed my images through photoshop and illustrator and I really miss them. They’re, were, my buddies. 😦

I never thought I would have too much cocoa powder either.

“Wow! It only costs $4.95! That’s about 2 bucks cheaper!!!” got me 2 extra boxes left unused 1 week before I need to leave. I’m considering bringing them along so I can get doses of hot chocolate when I’m feeling crazy.

The Last Trip : Shanghai 2012

I realised not everyone who loves horror movies manage to appreciate the gore of Thai and Japanese ones.

Not everyone who enjoys peace and harmony enjoys the freaking ambition of Cantonese police action to demonstrate how truly awesome policemen are (thanks, but no thanks, bro).

But of course, with age, mothers tend to get more irrational, incomprehensible and more often, pretend they know you inside out, when they don’t, at all (at least mine does).

And evidently, having dumplings, fried rice and ice cream for four days does nothing good for my complexion. (but love you! Breakfast buffets)

In three weeks, and a day, I will most probably be quitting baking. “most probably” because I still hold on to a hinge of hope that doesn’t exist. I’ll be flying out of this tiny, all-too-familiar country with less awesome food than Taiwan. And the country to which I will be in for the next seven or so years is in the latter part of the former sentence. No biggie, really.

For now, you’ll just be bombarded with a crazy mass of pictures from my trip to Shanghai that ended with the one and only Typhoon Haikui.


4 August 2012 from Singapore to Hong Kong










Hong Kong Airport .

Starbucks between Gates! Awesome. .

Yeah, I take the Economy class. I’m no millionaire. Or even a three-thousand-aire. So kill me. .

After arriving at Shanghai, we had our first dinner from Tesco supermarket (which was next door loved it!): slices of delicious cold beef, vegetable fried rice, vegetable fried rice cakes, some grapes and an assortment of  Chinese biscuits. .

Nanjing Pedestrian Street (5 August 2012) .

A super crowded Apple store. .

An ‘underground’ KFC. .

Shanghai Lao jie… or at least here are some pictures of places near it (6 August 2012) .

Lunch at Shanghai Lao Jie: Some rice dish + pan fried buns + purple yam balls (which sucked) + black fungus stir fried with fish slices. We packed up the remainders for dinner with the day before’s dinner leftovers.


We decided to lug home piles of medical books on the 7th of August so we decided that the DSLR had to be left out from the trip. Thus no pictures.


Typhoon Haikui (8 August 2012)


A snack while stuck in the hotel .

The view of the chaos outside from inside .

looks better than the situation was .

Shanghai news. Before this picture, I was cruelly laughing at the grumpy reporters trying to stand still talking, trying to grab hold of escaping coats, out-of-control umbrellas and re-buttoning unbuttoning (by the wind) shirts  in typhoon hot spots. I’m such a horrible person. .

After a bumpy ride cruising through the heavy rain, crazy wind and ankle deep water… (following two pictures were brightened, to delude) .

All flights cancelled/delayed, including mine. .

Stranded people at the airport. .

The super cool and really awesome awful and terrible weather outside. .

Dinner at the airport/ my first meal at Ajisen Ramen Restaurant. My mom and I both got the Tomato and Beef Ramen Set which came with 4 pan fried dumplings and a delicious saucer of cold bamboo shoots tossed in vinegar, sesame oil and sesame seeds (my favourite). .

Since we had dinner at four, mom and I shared a meal at Burger King for supper while waiting for the next available flight.


The Day After Typhoon Haikui 9 (August 2012)


The next morning, at 5am. .

Getting to the plane! From Shanghai to Hong Kong before transferring from Hong Kong back to Singapore. This is actually the airport that transports people from the airport to the plane. .

Watching people board the bus… .

Climbing up those damn stairs had always been one of my unaccomplished dreams… until this day that is. .

On the plane from Shanghai to Hong Kong .

Breakfast: 5 different kinds of Chinese dim sum + 1 tub of yogurt + 1 container of fruit + 100ml tub of apple juice + a small yummy bun (planes always have the best buns I have no idea why) + 1/2 cup of unsweetened black tea .

At the Hong Kong Airport


From Hong Kong to Singapore .

Mum’s lunch: Spaghetti  + a container of fruits + a  small bun + Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream .

My lunch: Sweet & Sour Chicken with Egg fried rice  + a container of fruits + a  small bun + Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream .

Aspiring Bakers #22: Lightened Up Cakes (August 2012)

Hi everyone! It’s my turn to organise Aspiring Bakers this time! Many thanks to Small Small Baker for giving me this chance 😀 

Okay, let’s get this straight. 

Everyone has a cake they love. Everyone. Whether they are a savoury or sweet person. But the problem is, stuffing your face (well, at least, if I stuff my face) with cake, you’ll pack on pounds. No difficult science around that. 

So! Seeing that, for the Aspiring Bakers theme this month, hopefully all the bakers out there would like to join in, baking healthily, or rather, healthier cakes! I’m really excited to see what you can come up with so please join in! 

Let’s eat Lightened up cakes this month! 😀




“lightened up” refers to either 1 of the below or preferably a combination of the following

1. reduced fat (by at least 30%)
2. sugar free e.g. using natural sweeteners like xylitol, stevia and maltitol, etc.
3. reduced sugar (by at least 30%)
4. use of unrefined flours (at least 50%) e.g. whole wheat flour, spelt flour, etc.
5. low GI
6. low gluten e.g. you can use glutinous flour, brown rice flour,  white rice flour, sorghum flour, millet, and teff. This option is similar to the previous Aspiring Bakers guidelines which you can find HERE

Who can join?
Everyone! (if you do not have a blog, just send me a photo and recipe of your bake)



How to join?

Step 1 :
Make a lightened up cake, whether sweet or savoury, in the month of August 2012 (thanks WendyinKK for correcting me!). This does not include stuff like carrot cake (kuih kind), yam cake (kuih kind), etc. i.e. No kuih, though things like ma la gao (馬拉糕) are allowed. 


Step 2 :
Post it on your blog between 01 August 2012 and 31 August 2012.
Your post must include the recipe or link to the original recipe. If you are using a recipe from a book, please include the title of the book too.
Any entries that are posted outside the date range will not be accepted. 
Any entries that do not include a recipe or link to the original recipe will not be accepted too. 


Step 3 :
Please mention that you are submitting your post to Aspiring Bakers #22: Lightened Up Cakes (August 2012) hosted by Qi Ting of A Dessert Diet and provide a link back to this post HERE.
Entries will not be accepted if the above is not included. 


Step 4 :
Email to in the following format:

Your name or nickname:
Your blog name: (omit this if you do not have a blog)
Name of your bake/dish:
URL of your post:
URL of your photo (one photo for each entry): 
(alternatively, you can attach your photo in your email).


Please use “Aspiring Bakers #22” as your email subject. You may submit more than 1 entry.



The roundup will be posted on 01 September 2012.



If you are interested to find out what’s on the previous Aspiring Bakers #21: Gluten-Free Bakes (July 2012) entries, hosted by Hankerie, see the roundup HERE.