My First Success: Steamed Chocolate Chip Cake

I warped an egg cake recipe from my mum’s taiwanese cookbook to make it chocolaty! Its my first successful recipe because I finally have my very own 2-in-1 oven, a hand mixer and a blender!

My mum loves banana cake and wants a guiltless treat so I’m going to experiment for the perfect fat free one for her! Anyway, that will come soon but first…

Steamed Chocolate Chip Cake



  1. 100g self- rising flour
  2. 25g cocoa powder


  1. 4 egg whites
  2. 6 tbs white sugar


  1. 4 egg yolks
  2. 3 tbs white sugar


  1. a handful of chocolate chips
  2. a handful of raisins– soak them in warm water and then squeeze them dry using a strainer so that they will be plump and juicy!
  3. some chopped walnuts (optional)


  1. Sift ingredients (A) in a bowl
  2. In separate bowls, whisk ingredients (B) till soft peaks form as seen in the picture using a hand mixer, and stir ingredients (C) to form a smooth mixture
  3. Add mixture (C) to (B) and whisk gently till uniform
  4. Heat some water in the steamer
  5. Stir in slowly (A) (using a rubber spatula– recommended)
  6. When (A) has been uniformly stirred in, stir in (D)
  7. Pour mixture into a lined cake pan (it’s okay if you don’t line it, its just cleaner and easier to remove)
  8. You can choose to top the cake with some of mixture (D) but note that ‘pimples’ will form (see pictures above)
  9. After water begins to boil, steam the cake at high heat. I recommend steaming for 7 to eight minutes so that it is half cakey and half moist because it might otherwise taste too dry! But if you want to, steam the complete 15 minutes, then serve with yoghurt, whipped cream, coffee, milk, fruits or tea!

I love this recipe!!! Its really good if you half steam it, it’s self- saucing so no additional cream or anything has to be added. Trust me, its not as good fully steamed. Try it for a less guilty chocolate treat! But, butter lovers beware! Its absent.