What I Ate on Wednesday (5) WIAW


Today I learnt:

1. not to cry over mum ridiculing your dreams

2. smile even when you’re sad

3. love your dad because he loves you back

4. Eat bread. They are soft and fluffy.

Breakfast: 2 red bean buns; Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks: 3 Four-Leaves‘brownies-sized cookie bars leftover from Sunday; Lunch: Rice + veg + pork chop; Dinner: 1 blueberry bun + 1 sugar roll

My low Fat (Vegan) 3-Layer Cookie Dough Bars got a new round of photo shoots… under the sunlight. Way cool.

Super short post today. Off to have fun (with Chemistry 😦 ).

16 thoughts on “What I Ate on Wednesday (5) WIAW”

  1. You have a nice space here. To answer your question about the pie crust –
    It doesn’t taste as good as the regular crust. But is comparable to graham cracker crust but a bit chewy. The magazine I adapted the recipe from had it as a pre baked crust with filling. Don’t really know how it will be with fill and bake recipes.


    1. Thanks for your quick reply!!! So happy to hear from you!!! 😀 I’ll definitely try it and experiment around and let you know how it goes! 😀 And how you describe it “graham cracker crust but a bit chewy” is perfect! 😀


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