What I Ate On Wednesday (4) WIAW

Have you ever wondered what your future will be? I do. Every. Day.

Remember when you were a kid?

Did you ever think how you would turn out?

I thought about it all the time. I couldn’t wait to escape the life I had. Maybe its just me.

When I was 10, I begged my mum to let me ride aΒ motorcycle. “Wait till you’re 16” she said. 16 came and went. She refused.

Riding a motorcycle remains on my ‘To-do’ list.

Funny I never wanted to drive a car.

Mum: “What’s your dream car?”

Me: “Volkswagen Beetle, Yellow”

Mum: “Are going to learn how to drive?” (Qiting, this is a. Trap.)

Me: “No”

Mum: “Then who’s going to drive the car?”

Me: (stunned… pauses) “I’ll tell you when I grow up”.

Gee. That didn’t make sense at all. I don’t even understand myself. A sign of mental disorder? Probably? Hope not.

Just do your WIAW. (which I didn’t last week)

What I ate today is summarised in that above illustration.

Breakfast: 2 sugar rolls + yogurt, Lunch: leftover Fried Rice cooked by mummy, Dinner: 3 small red bean buns, Snacks: 1 guava + the leftover red bean thing in the next picture.

I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s Deep-Dish Cookie Pie with 2/3 of the sugar with a blender. Its delicious! Kind of tastes like mooncake. According to my mum and dad.Β 

More news: For some reason, I’ve managed to transform my yogurt into ice cream. The only bad thing about this is I don’t know how this happened! Just look!

Got to go! My studies are calling.


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