Choices and an Update

A couple months ago, we had a GP (general paper) lesson about choices.

In the 21st century we have tons of things we can choose from.

We suggested examples. My friends suggested movies, music, books, stationery brands etc. And well… food.

Do you find yourself reaching for the same bowl of noodles everyday?

Do you find yourself having the same type of sandwich everyday?

Do you always cook with the same brand of oil/condiments?

Do you always choose the same sides most of the time (not all the time because sometimes the side you want runs out :-()?

Have you used the same brand of face cream for most of your life/many many years? (oops, now where did that come from….?)

Out of the hundreds of types/brands/CHOICES out there, you always prefer that choice and never want anything else.

Do you?

These are some of what I have been eating this couple of weeks (among other things)

Going on to something else now! I’m totally guilty of the things I said above! For the past 3 months, (and particularly the past few weeks) I’ve been doing the same thing everyday (studying, sleeping too little, feeling to tired to study, throwing past year papers I’d done into the trash and picking them out again with bare fingers. Okay. The last part wasn’t true. Hee. BUT I was quite close to doing it, minus the part about picking the stuff out of the trash. Eeww.) eating the same things everyday, walking the same route everyday… BORING! I. Need. Some. Baking. Back. Into. My. Life.

After ‘A’s I’m going to blog Full- Time and bake stuff everyday to experiment. Here’s a list: (all low fat/fat free & healthy!)

1. Chocolate Cookie Dough Pie

2. More frosted cakes!

3. Carrot Cake!

4. Chocolate Cake

5. More Sweet Bread

6. Pizza

7. Ice-cream (not baking but its on the list anyway)

8. Brownies

9. Cookies!

10. Mooncakes and Chinese Pastries

11. Etc.

*the links bring you to what I’ve already made 😀

I could go on and on.

I can’t wait for school to end! I hate having a life built around school, around a timetable someone drew up for me. It kinda sucks.

Oh well…

Gotta stop procrastinating and get back to work! 😀

6 thoughts on “Choices and an Update”

  1. i’m guilty of pretty much everything u said too!! haha…i am a creature of habit and really do need a kick in the tush sometimes to mix it up. i can’t wait to see all the awesome delights u’ve been baking away at…really i think apple needs to come out the the iEat app or something so i can just reach thru the screen and eat wat u have because i suck at baking! haha. take care my friend! 🙂


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